Each new model coming into our studio will receive 50% for the first 30 days. If you follow the rules, listen to your boss, and do not miss any days of work that you are scheduled, you will receive 55% the following month plus 1000 points. OR During the first month, and you follow the rules, you will receive 60% if you make 20,000 tokens or more + 1000 points.
Those who do not make 20,000 tokens or more will be able to increase their percentage to 60% the start of the 3rd month you work for us. On the 9th month you work for us, you will receive 65%. On the 12th month, you will receive your paid vacation of a minimum of $200 dollars. After each month, everyone receives 1000 points in addition to the points you have already made. Once you return from your vacation, you will receive 70%. After 1 year and 1 month, you will be eligible for 80%. We will discuss how when this is reached.