Colombia Webcam Models Shoulds and Should Nots

Colombia has more webcam models in the world than any other country, but their actual income is not as good as expected, but it can be depending on their actions. We have researched for more than 10 years, how Colombian models can make much better money. Also please understand 99% of Colombian webcam models broadcast from a studio that shares a percentage with them for them using the studio. So hopefully, models AND studios will read below and change a few things in order to make much better money.

We will review the top 21 things models (or studios) should be doing and why.

21. You should use all of the available resources the webcam site gives you. For example, in Stripchat, there is a roulette wheel that clients can spin for the model to do something erotic. This is a great option to receive tokens. I am amazed at how many rooms of models I enter without this wheel. Other sites have the same. There are also many contests. Use these things to your advantage.

20. You should type yourself. A lot of moderators (monitors) type for the models and this often makes contradictions because the models do not know what to do or say. Plus, too many people know that there are moderators. Most models and moderators do not speak English. Moderators that speak fluent English make things a lot easier, but this is rare. Always better to type yourself and you should not have moderators type for you. All Colombian women who are in the top 100 type and speak themselves.

19. You should go to other model cams, see who is king of the room and see how many tokens they spent. See how much other people spend. If you see constant spenders in a model’s room, write that person privately and invite him into your room. You should not just wait for someone to come to you and write to you. Spend time finding and writing paying customers.

18. You should buy a Lovense toy when you can. We know this costs a lot of money and we sell them here. However, you should work with some type of sex toy or at least have a sex toy available. You should not work without a sex toy.

17. You should wear sexy clothes (or other sexy things). Sexy clothes consists of bed time lingerie, sexy costumes, BDSM for some, body piercings, and high heels. You should not wear clothes that pull up over your belly button – this is not sexy.

16. You should get creative. Get a maid outfit and pretend your cleaning your room. Pretend you are working in an office. Do Yoga. Get a gym mat and do exercises on the mat. Dance even if you are not receiving tokens. You should not just sit on a bed and write all day and receive tokens when available.

15. You should keep your cell phone out of your distance and if you really need to use it, then sign off. Look for those paying customers we mentioned when no one is in your room. Try to get them into your room. You should not use your phone. This is a very common distraction. If you are using your phone, you are not paying attention to the men who might spend money on you. Just do not use your phone.

14. If you are in a studio, you should keep your door closed. You should not talk to anyone. This is one of the biggest reasons men leave your room and studios do not seem to understand this. Men do not want to hear other men in the background and they definitely do not want to hear or see a man speaking with you even on the phone. Men want you one on one and you giving them the fullest attention possible.

13. You should greet everyone if you can as they enter your room, especially paying users. You should not ignore nor take a long time to respond if someone greets you. Some studios think it is good to make a man wait. Absolutely not.

12. You should say bye or be right back to all users. You should not abruptly turn off the camera. This happens way too often and usually a monitor does this. This is ridiculous because we have seen many times, someone will send tokens for a request and the model signs off very quickly after. Then when the model returns online, she does not see the request and the spender loses both respect for the model and tokens. Say bye ALWAYS.

11. If a customer is giving you one token or a few tokens, you should say thank you and ask the customer if he wants something or wants to play. If he does not respond, no big deal. You should not just say thank you and then ignore him. Give a little more incentive for him to tip you again.

10. When you are in a private session, you should pay attention ONLY to the person who is paying you. You should not be broadcasting from other webcam pages because many paying members know. Studios are usually at fault for this and can get fined and they will blame you. You should not touch the mouse or keyboard unless it is a response to the paying member. No one should pay private while others watch for free PERIOD.

9. You should learn 1 or 2 websites very well. You should not be on 4 or more websites as your money will spread thin.

8. You should turn your camera off if you need to talk to someone, use your phone, or even go to the bathroom. You just simply say you will be back in a minute. If you are going to the bathroom, this may be an exception. You should not leave the camera on because the longer the camera stays on showing an empty space without a woman, the further back you move in the search.

7. You should make a very good profile. Fill out as much as possible and make it easy to read for everyone. Having a good profile is imperative, especially for search results. Photos, albums, and videos should be readily available.

6. Before going private, you should understand what your customer wants. A lot of models or monitors say they understand and they have no idea. They will say yes to anything when they understand nothing. This is a great way to lose money. This is one of the reasons models should always type. Then, the model accepts the private and doesn’t know what to do and then asks what she should do. You should not delay your private session and start your customer’s request immediately or you will lose customers.

5. You should always have a goal and do what you say when you complete the goal. You should not have some ignorant saying in your goal like “I complete my goal to make me happy.” Men want to know what you are willing to do for them if your goal is completed. Also, you should not change your goal before it is completed. Some models refuse to perform their goal when met – this is idiotic.

4. You should give an incentive on your profile to nonpaying users. For example, if you have a website, say they can have 1 month free subscription to your website for a certain amount of tokens. You should not ignore them completely unless they are writing spam things like giving you money or working for them, etc…

3. You should tease tease tease. Tease your customers as much as possible without showing anything. If they give tokens and you have on a Lovense, put on your best acting moan. As the tokens continue, act crazy. You should not do a quick moan and say thank you. Make it a little longer.

2. YOU SHOULD WEAR MAKEUP. We see so many Colombian girls without makeup. The majority of men want make-up but not too much. Red is usually the magic color. You should almost always paint your hands and toes. The better your makeup is proportioned, the more tokens you will receive. Also, we see so much orange under eyes for eyeliner with women. No no no. Use blue or nothing as long as your eyelashes are long.

1. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU SHOULD DO IS LEARN ENGLISH. This is by far the biggest reason most Colombian web models do not make lots of money. They refuse to learn English. All you need to do is get on Youtube once per day for 15 minutes. Those who do speak English, make at least $2000 dollars per month if she types well and speaks well and of course, is very pretty.

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