What is an affiliate?

Simply put, an affiliate is someone who sells products for a company and earns commission on sales, that is not an employee. The following is an example:

If I go online and sign up to be an affiliate for Reebok Shoe Company and I sell a pair of shoes to my friend that costs $100, Reebok will pay me a percentage of that $100 dollars. If the percentage is 10%, Reebok will pay me $10 for this sale.

So if you sign up as an affiliate for J & S models and you sell any product in our store, you will receive a minimum of 10% of that product. So, if you sell a sexy costume that costs $30, you will receive $3 commission. The more you sell, the more you make.

If you sell a Gold Studio membership from our site, you will receive 50% of the sale which will be $100.

Another example of an affiliate is below:

I am an affiliate of Android. For every Android phone I sell, Android pays me $20. I am not an employee. I am just helping them sell their products so I can earn money. For doing this, I am called an affiliate. (This was an example only: I am not actually an affiliate of Android).

To sign up to be an affiliate for our site, click here.

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