How to sell Memberships on our Site.

Let’s first attempt to understand what a membership is. If you are a member of something, you usually get rewards, incentives, and discounts for being a member at a monthly or yearly price.

The following is an example:

One of the world’s largest membership businesses is golf courses. In many places in the United States, if you live on a golf course, you must buy a yearly membership. The membership may cost $1000 or more. The main incentive is that you can play golf on the course you live on when you want.

The process:

  • Sign up as an affiliate for our site.
  • After we receive your confirmation we will send you an affiliate link with a unique ID number that tracks your sales so we know who you are.
  • Place your link on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, and even in your telephone messages.
  • If someone buys a membership from clicking your link, you will receive 50% of the cost of the membership. So if someone buys a membership that costs $20 after clicking on your link, you receive $10.

Selling memberships can be a very rewarding income. We currently have 4 types of paid memberships. Our main reason for memberships is for men to enjoy sexual situations with real women live on Skype. Most members will come from webcam modeling websites where women get paid a small percentage for performing erotic acts. As men come to our website, models will get paid more and men will pay less by comparison to webcam model sites.

Webcam models in Colombia, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, and a few other countries work in “studios.” This is usually because women do not have computers or internet in their homes. We have studio memberships as well and offer unbelievable incentives. We have a membership level called Studio Gold Membership that costs $200 for one year. This sounds like a lot, but studios with this membership get great incentives including being an affiliate.

If you as an affiliate for our site sell this $200 membership, you receive $100. If you sell ONLY 10 memberships, you receive $1000. If you sell 1 membership per day, you will receive $3000 per month.

This is a very good membership for studios as you will receive a variety of incentives in order to make more money from your models. Plus, you become an affiliate automatically and you will profit after only 2 sales.

View our membership levels here.

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